• Chucho Hernandez
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    "Bomb mariscos really fresh their frijoels are off the hook."

  • Dora Perez
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    "The waitress was very friendly and lets us know the specials."

  • Toni Santana
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    "Now this is how we do! Thank you Jaime Melgoza for the great food and service!"

  • Franceska Valladares
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    "My favorite in town, best sea food. Since day one.❤✌"

Mariscos El Pulpo Specialties

About Us

Mariscos El Pulpo
Mexican & Seafood Restaurant

is a family owned business that initiated in 1997 due to the hard work and dedication of Roberto and Olga Melgoza. For over 20 years, it has taken great pride in it's authentic food, cordial personnel, and welcoming ambiance.

Born in Michoacán México, both Roberto and Olga Melgoza came from modest beginnings. Each coming from a large family, they were raised with perseverance, strong family values, and self-discipline. Roberto and Olga began their lives together laboring in agriculture. It was there that they overcame many obstacles and developed a craving for entrepreneurship. With desire and with the support and collaboration of their children Roberto, Jaime, and Laura Melgoza, they transformed their dream into a reality.

Mariscos El Pulpo is grateful for the loyalty of it's clientele throughout the years. It values their friendship and strives to satisfy all of their expectations. The Melgoza Family hopes to continue having the pleasure of serving it's community for many years to come.


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